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Supporting Research

Since its founding, Técnicas Reunidas has devoted considerable resources to R&D&I for industrial processes and technologies.

José Lladó Technology Centre, the heart of Técnicas Reunidas’ R&D&I

Research and Technological Development Projects are carried out in the José Lladó Technology Centre, one of the most modern technology centres in Spain,  with a workforce of more than 70 graduates and post graduates from different disciplines. In these projects, special attention is always given to the technological requirements of the business in addition to an industrial focus.  


It also provides technological services and technical support, collaborates in the dissemination of research findings from various public research centres, technology centres and Técnicas Reunidas, and promotes and participates in the development of cooperative research between companies.


The Technology Centre is a place which nurtures R&D&I, acting as a driving force for the transfer and dissemination of technology, where the client is at the centre of activity and innovation provides the lever for competitiveness. The Technology Centre facilitates and boosts The Company’s participation in R&D&I processes and activities.


The Technology Centre, with installations occupying more than 5,000m2 and fitted with equipment of the latest generation, has the capability to develop activities at any level, from laboratory to pilot plant scale, as well as carrying out demonstration plants for the developed technologies. It also has the capability to carry out basic or advanced engineering design for the selected option, completing the entire R&D&I value chain, from idea to industrial implementation of the developed technology.

DAPhNE Project

Técnicas Reunidas has been an active participant in the DAPhNE Project, which is co-financed by the European Commission and whose main goal is the development of technologies to reduce consumption in energy-intensive processes with a high demand for heat energy, such as the manufacture of ceramics, glass and cement.

The main environmental benefits of the project will consist in a reduction of 40% in energy demand and up to 85% of CO2 emissions.

This project has been nominated as one of the three best research projects of 2016 at the 2016 German Sustainability Awards, one of the most prestigious European awards in the field of sustainable development.

Major new technology R&D&I projects involving Técnicas Reunidas’ Proprietary Technology Development Division

Major new technology R&D&I projects involving Técnicas Reunidas’ Proprietary Technology Development Division