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Propietary Technologies Development Division (DDTP)

Técnicas Reunidas (TR) has developed and marketed technologies within its Proprietary Technology Development Division (DDTP) for more than 40 years, aiming at the raw material (metals and biomass), environmental (waste and water), energy storage and chemical processing sectors.

TR’s Proprietary Technology Development Division (DDTP), has made TR a world leader in zinc recovery processes using solvent extraction techniques.
Plants using ZINCEX™ and ECOLEADTM technologies have demonstrated the economic, technical and environmental benefits of these processes compared to conventional processes.

Both processes stand out because of their flexibility, efficiency, profitability and adaptability to different raw materials and client requirements.
More than 10 industrial plants have implemented the Proprietary Technology Development Division’s (DDTP’s) technology. These plants are located in the US, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Namibia, and demonstrate the long term potential of the technology in this market.
Some of the key players in the zinc production market are amongst the Proprietary Technology Development Division’s (DDTP’s) most important clients..