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Técnicas Reunidas is a world engineering benchmark in the design and construction of refineries.

Técnicas Reunidas has designed and built 421 refining units worldwide for several of the world’s leading energy companies. Its experience in oil processing ranges from complete new refineries to modernizations and expansions of existing refining facilities, for several of the main international energy companies.

The units designed and built include basic refining, desulphurisation, deep conversion and octane improvement units.

Técnicas Reunidas is one of the leading companies in the world in this sector in terms of its number of references, knowledge and the current projects in which it participates.

Experience in refining

Basic Refining

  • Crude Oil distillation.
  • Saturated gas concentration.
  • Amine treatment.
  • Sulphur recovery.
  • Recovery and treatment of gases.
  • Gasoline treatment.
  • LPG treatment.
  • Fractionation.
  • Hydrotreatment of the different fractions.
  • Kerosene treatment.
  • Desulfurizers.
  • Catalytic reforming.
  • Catalytic paraffin removal.
  • Acid water treatment.
  • Naphta desisopentanizer.

Crude Conversion Units

  • Vacuum distillation.
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) / gas concentration.
  • Hydrocracking.
  • Hydrogen generation.
  • Viscoreduction.
  • Delayed coking.
  • Coke calcination.

Octane Number Enhancement Units

  • Alkylation.
  • Isomerization.
  • Oligomerization.
  • MTBE Production.

Other Refining and Treatment Units

  • Hydrofinishing of lubricants.
  • Olefin saturation.
  • C4s hydrotreatment.
  • Product storage facilities.
  • Semi-immersible platforms.
  • Lubricant blending plants.
  • Truck loading station.
  • Oil pipelines.
  • Auxiliary services and offsites for refineries.