Development of Oil & Gas Fields

Oil & Gas Processing Plants

Técnicas Reunidas has contributed to building two of the largest gas fractionation facilities in the world.

Técnicas Reunidas, through its Upstream and Natural Gas Division, offers its customers an integrated solution that covers everything from engineering for the development of oil and gas fields, to turnkey projects for complex installations in remote locations, ranging from the production of crude oil and gas, passing through primary treatments, treatment and fractionation plants, compression and pumping stations, to hydrocarbon transport systems.

The great experience acquired over the years in this field make the Técnicas Reunidas Group a driving force in the strategic development of this activity, guaranteeing the customer a product tailor-made in terms of quality, deadline and price. In this field, Técnicas Reunidas has the ability, proven through its references, to carry out feasibility studies and prepare basic engineering, to turnkey projects including operation and maintenance. It has all the latest technological tools to optimise its services for the benefit of our customers.

Técnicas Reunidas has know-how and extensive experience in designing and building gas and oil facilities, including:

  • Collection systems and gas and oil pipeline network from the wells to the stabilisation and treatment plant.
  • Separation systems (crude, gas and water) and gas and oil stabilisation systems.
  • Crude dehydration and desalination.
  • Desulphurisation, gas sweetening and elimination of impurities from gas from wells (CO2, SH2, Hg, water).
  • Recovery of ethane, LPG and heavy hydrocarbons.
  • Storage.
  • Effluent treatment.
  • SCADA and Telemetry Systems.

Técnicas Reunidas also has the capacity to execute projects of:

  • Secondary recovery and water or gas injection systems for increased production of oil fields.
  • Stimulation and activation of production – Gas-Lift systems.
  • Assisted recovery (injection of steam, carbon dioxide, polymers, “surfactants”).

Técnicas Reunidas also offers its customers the following services from the Offshore Department:

  • Detail engineering, supply and production management of offshore oil and gas production platforms, including their support structures or jackets.
  • Detail engineering of underwater pipelines, including route optimisation, stability and protection against corrosion and its approach to the coast.
  • Detail engineering and installation management of offshore platforms and structures, including the required marine means and the installation of the pipeline by laying with a boat.