NG Liquefaction, LNG Storage & Regasification

The execution of LNG projects is one of Técnicas Reunidas’s main business lines. Activities in this field began in 1967 and Técnicas Reunidas has contributed greatly since then to developing natural gas infrastructure particularly in Spain, but also in Latin America, China and North Africa.

These projects are particularly complex from the point of view of safety, which is a factor that conditions all their phases. TR has an excellent reputation in this respect, not having had any safety eventuality in all plants designed and built.

Among the different elements and installations related to LNG, both new and extensions and renovations of existing facilities, the following stand out:

  • NG liquefaction systems.
  • LNG loading and unloading systems.
  • LNG storage tanks.
  • BOG (Boil-Off Gas) treatment facilities.
  • LNG regasification systems.
  • Sending of NG: regulation and measurement and transport systems.
  • Associated marine works: dock, jetty, seawater collection and discharge systems, etc.