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Vendor Document Management System

Técnicas Reunidas has developed this website as a unified communication portal for the exchange of information with suppliers and subcontractors.

Our suppliers

Having suppliers and subcontractors aligned with the level of demand and values of Técnicas Reunidas is a key factor to ensure the success of the projects.

Técnicas Reunidas has the e-Supplier web portal, for the management and strengthening of its supply chain.

This web site acts as a platform that unifies communication, enabling information exchange with suppliers and subcontractors, and facilitates coverage of certain requirements such as those included in the Code of Conduct.

The launch of the web portal provides more effective, transparent and responsive management of a supply chain which is composed of more than 21,000 suppliers and subcontractors. This enhances the Company’s competitiveness and quality of work while it helps to optimise costs and minimise risks in projects.

Reference Documents

If your company is interested in providing goods and services for our projects, please review the following documents and videos to help you in order to register in our e-Supplier web portal.