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Innovation enhances the Company’s competitiveness in a challenging market, where success depends on ensuring client satisfaction through the offer of products and services with high added value.

Key Aspects

Técnicas Reunidas uses an innovation model aimed at improving efficiency in project implementation.
To this end, its activities focus on the four key aspects of quality, budget (cost), adherence to plans and compliance with safety and environmental requirements.

1. Quality.

2. Budget.

3. Adherence to plans.

4. Compliance with safety and environmental requirements.


Técnicas Reunidas’ innovation strategy is implemented in three areas:

  • Growth

Técnicas Reunidas is committed to optimising the quality of its resources, consolidating its know-how and transforming its working methods, as part of its ongoing drive for excellence.

The transformation of productive systems and the development of proprietary technologies enable the Company to hold leading positions in various fields and geographical areas. This has conferred the confidence necessary to enable it to implement projects on an ongoing basis with major oil companies.

  • Diversification

Diversification refers to clients, products and geographical areas.


The wide range of renowned Clients guarantees that Técnicas Reunidas can consolidate its market presence and allow new clients to be found, thereby reducing risk concentration.

Geographical areas

Geographical and sector diversification allow not only a more balanced distribution of the project portfolio, but also compensation in the event of changes in the investment cycles.


The diversification of the products offered allows Técnicas Reunidas to focus on different types of projects at different times. Innovation efforts have driven the Company into new market segments such as projects involving conceptual studies, basic engineering, FEED, Front End, PMC, EPC, LSTK, among others.

With regard to R&D&I, Técnicas Reunidas has focused on three areas of activity: raw materials, energy storage and the environment.

  • Interaction

Tecnicas Reunidas encourages the exchange of knowledge. Greater interaction with innovative companies, research organisations, suppliers, subcontractors and the operational environment offers synergies in securing more ambitious projects and developing new services, processes and technologies.

The continued relationship as a technology provider with clients after the completion of the project offers access to information and problems with the ability to generate new business opportunities.