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Health & Safety

Técnicas Reunidas works to maximise occupational health and safety throughout the project life cycle, from design to start-up, by means of a solid Management System that it extends to include its suppliers and subcontractors.

Management System and Culture

Técnicas Reunidas promotes a culture at all levels to preserve the Safety and Health of its employees, its suppliers and its contractors.

Management System

Since 2008, Técnicas Reunidas has used an Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified according to the OHSAS 18001 standard. This covers all phases of the project life cycle, from design through to construction and start-up

Importance of the culture of health and safety

Técnicas Reunidas executes large industrial projects with an international, multidisciplinary and multicultural character. In a business with such a high degree of exigency, experience shows that an advanced culture of Health and Safety is essential for projects to be completed successfully, starting from the design and engineering phase and continuing during the execution of projects in the construction phase until the delivery of the plants safely.


This culture contributes enormously to the protection of the physical integrity of all the workers involved in the projects in all its phases, as well as contributing to the integrity of the facilities that are delivered to the clients for their operation. The implementation of this culture from the initial stages of the projects, allows the incorporation of protection measures that reduce risk and have a lower economic impact.

Training Processes

Tecnicas Reunidas promotes the creation and standardisation of a specific corporate culture by promoting training processes for the workforce, encouraging their participation in the prevention tasks and the treatment of work condition problems, and fostering stewardship at different levels of the organization.

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Zero incidents

Mr. Zero

Tecnicas Reunidas has the help of Mr. Zero, which is a visible representation of the security culture, and is present in all projects, construction sites and company offices.


Using red and green internal images and codes, Mr. Zero is an effective communication tool.

“Construction Safety Essentials”

Construction Safety Essentials are a set of simple and consistent rules that must be followed in all Técnicas Reunidas projects throughout the world, and whose objective is to save lives.


Construction Safety Essentials are the result of a thorough analysis of Tecnicas Reunidas’ health and safety records, as well as lessons learned from the industry, which focus on shaping the behavior of all employees.


The six basic compliance pillars are:

1. Working at heights

2. Traffic

3. Lifting operations

4. Hazardous materials

5. Permit to work

6. Safety violations