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We are committed to excellence in environmental performance

Técnicas Reunidas offer its clientes its capacity and Know-how to include sustainability criteria in the design of the projects.

Management Approach

Environmental management is one of Técnicas Reunidas’ priorities.


Técnicas Reunidas’ Environmental Management System (EMS) has been implemented in accordance with ISO 14001, pursuant to the policies, programmes and practices contained in the Company’s Environmental Management Guidelines.


The EMS is designed to maintain a satisfactory level of environmental integration throughout all Técnicas Reunidas’ services and products, in line with the global strategy set out by the management. This ensures compliance with applicable legislation, as well as other contractual requirements, and the incorporation, at the client’s request, of sustainability criteria in plant design.


Tecnicas Reunidas has a computer system which enables real-time collection of environmental data at the point of origin, and is able to trace 431 environmental indicators reported by 65 entities for its verification.

We have an Environmental Management System (EMS) implemented in the company more than 20 years ago.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are included within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) .


Técnicas Reunidas´ policies, programmes and specific practices are integrated into its globalised management, ensuring environmentally responsible behaviour in operations.

Environmental management in Tecnicas Reunidas’ activities

The EMS enables the identification and management of environmental aspects that arise directly from Técnicas Reunidas’ activities. Once these aspects are identified, the Company implements mitigation measures, in addition to setting targets and follow-up based on a balanced scorecard.


The environmental aspects of most relevance to Técnicas Reunidas are grouped into four areas: emissions, energy, waste and materials.


In the framework of environmental commitment, and with the aim of fighting climate change, Tecnicas Reunidas has set the target of 12% reduction in CO2 emissions over the 2016-2030 period.


Técnicas Reunidas has been involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change initiative for several years. The CDP awards a score to the company according to its transparency in the reporting of information and its management performance.


Tecnicas Reunidas incorporates the circular economy concept in its Environmental Management System.


The model is oriented both to miminize waste generated and to increase the waste avoided through proper management of the remaining materials.

Environment in the supply chain

Técnicas Reunidas extends its commitment to the environment to all suppliers who participate in the supply chain, by requesting environmental information in their approval process.

For the fourth consecutive year, Técnicas Reunidas has improved its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score.

Carbon footprint: Since 2013, the company measures, manages, discloses and has objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.