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Regulatory Compliance

As one of the cornerstones of its corporate culture and values, Técnicas Reunidas promotes ethics and integrity in business performance, both regarding all members and professionals in the Company and any business partners with whom the Company has or plans to have a business relationship.


Técnicas Reunidas boasts a regulatory framework that includes standards, regulations and policies that set the guidelines to be followed to ensure our activity is performed in accordance with the organisation’s values and principles, beyond what is legally established and which form part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


The upholding of an ethical conduct in the performance of business activities is regulated in the main standards of Good Governance of Técnicas Reunidas, namely the Code of Conduct.

  • Code of Conduct

The corporate culture, values, ethics and the integrity of the professionals in the Técnicas Reunidas Group are the cornerstones regulating its business activity. Técnicas Reunidas requires all employees and executives to act with integrity, professionalism and respect at all times, in accordance with the law, Human Rights and internationally accepted practice.

Principles contained in the Code of Conduct of Técnicas Reunidas

  • Respect for the law, human rights and values, in accordance with what is set forth in the United Nations Global Compact (of which Técnicas Reunidas is a signatory).
  • Prevention of corruption and bribery, as set forth in the various international provisions (namely the United Nations against corruption).
  • Respect for free competition in the market.
  • Professional development, non-discrimination and equal opportunities.
  • Training.
  • Protection of privacy.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Rejection of child and forced labour.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Social commitment.
  • Relationship with business partners.
  • Prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The general principles set forth in the Code cannot consider all situations and circumstances that the professionals of Técnicas Reunidas might encounter; rather, it sets general conduct guidelines on how to act in the performance of their activities.


Técnicas Reunidas complements these general guidelines with a series of internal standards and policies, as well as by establishing a series of internal control mechanisms over all organisational levels and business activities of the company.


The Regulatory Compliance department in Técnicas Reunidas disseminates these guidelines not only internally, but also among its stakeholders and business partners, providing the necessary training and providing support in terms of consultation and interpretation of these internal standards and policies.

  • Whistleblower Channel

Técnicas Reunidas offers its employees a Whistleblower Channel: buzondelcodigo@tecnicasreunidas.es, to enable the secure and confidential reporting of any kind of irregularity detected within the company or its scope of action regarding failure to comply with the principles contained in its Code of Conduct or which might result, or are reasonably expected to result, in infringements of the law and other internal or external rules to which Técnicas Reunidas may be subject.


Business Partners or persons associated with Técnicas Reunidas who may have reasonable proof of any irregularity, as shown in the previous paragraph, must report it via this channel.


The Regulatory Compliance department of Técnicas Reunidas will be responsible for receiving and managing the communications received via the Whistleblower Channel. All the information and documentation provided in the reports made shall be subject to the strictest standards of confidentiality.