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What is the INICIA Grant Programme?

It is aimed at young students and recent graduates without experience.

  • Our INICIA Grant Programme is the main way to bring young people into the company.
  • The programme is aimed at young and recently qualified students with no professional experience.
  • It lasts between three months and one year depending on the training and type of grant.

We offer:

  • Practical training inside our projects.
  • Economic support to studies.
  • Timetable flexibility to adapt to academic needs.
  • Tutoring by experienced professionals.

Universities:training agreements, collaborations

More than 70 national and international organisations.

  • Técnicas Reunidas has signed professional training agreements with more than 70 Spanish and international universities, foundations and organisations.

Employment Forums

  • We participate in the employment forums of the major universities with the aim of bringing our company closer to senior students or fresh graduates.